Economic Development Plan Update!

The road committee interviewed the final two companies that are competing to create a comprehensive economic development plan for the Crawford Road area.

Both were highly qualified and made excellent proposals. The committee was enthusiastic about the possibilities of the study and the information they provided was very useful. Both companies were quite sensitive to the complicated relationship our community has to its “roots” and “rural feel.” They both discussed in length how any development would best be achieved with the involvement of the whole community and presented plans to make the communication open and inclusive.

The committee members voted and the company selected is FCS Group. Their work will begin In January and the target date of completion is June 2019. This work is being funded by WA state’s CERB fund which is in place to provide funds for economic development in rural areas. It is our plan to return to the CERB board after we have our plan to ask for construction funds to build a new road.

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